Sarah’s Story

Sarah's Survival Guide Cover_largeSome readers may remember my long ago posts about having to take most of Sarah’s story out of The Paris Notebook to meet editorial requirements. I’ve always wondered if that made the book better, or worse. I never wondered whether Sarah’s story was worth telling in full, I wanted to tell it, so I took all those deleted scenes and wove them into a longish short story of about 40 pages.

I hired someone to make a cover for me and I slapped the story up on my website as a free PDF read. I recently featured it as a free read for Valentine’s day. I’m not sure how many people read it. I never got any feedback. It was just one of those things I kind of let float along. Then all my widgets disappeared. If you write a blog, you know what widgets are. They’re the stuff on the sidebar. That’s where I keep my clickable book covers that will swoop you right over to Amazon. Sarah was stuck in the middle of that and had vanished right along with all the rest.

When I wanted to put her back, she resisted. So I thought, well okay, I can put Sarah on Kindle, explain all about her, charge the lowest price, and then I can use an Amazon link. I did that, but Mercury is in retrograde until February 28, so of course there were all kinds of problems. Today I solved them all! Sarah is back and she is getting the respect she’s always deserved.

Now I am wondering, since according to my publishing contract, I can ask for my rights to the story back now, if I should do that with The Paris Notebook and fold Sarah’s scenes back in. I’m really not sure. But down the line, after I gather learned opinions, I just might reunite my Sarah with the rest of The Paris Notebook.

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