New Page “For Writers”

As you can see above, I’ve added a new page to the site. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and today I’m finally opening that page. Since I’ve started writing less about writing, I wanted to make sure writers seeking advice had somewhere to click.

♥ Writers, this is for you ♥

Having said that, I promise readers that I will post more fun extras on a regular basis for you. If you don’t write, and you don’t read my books, you’re probably a pal checking up on me to make sure I haven’t been buried under an avalanche of books. Not to worry! I’m alive and writing.

♥Readers, this is for you♥

A Gypsy tidbit I have not mentioned yet is why I chose that title. Talking with my BFF yesterday, I started telling her about a dream I had about Stevie Nicks. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell her the entire dream, as I know that dreams are only interesting to the person who has them. I get ticked off in novels if the author includes more than one dream. Okay, we know you want us to know something, but your character doesn’t know it yet, so she has a symbolic dream. Yawn. Anyway, I always loved Stevie, and even though the characters are Romany, I named the book Gypsy after her song.


  1. Hi Cynthia:
    I checked out your new page. Also, just want to say I loved Gypsy. You sure do write a good story. That’s interesting about Stevie Nicks. Had a friend who named her dog Stevie N. : )


  2. Thanks for your kind words about Gypsy, Robena. So glad you enjoyed it. Most people would not get that title connection, but I felt a little bit like the spirit of Stevie was helping me along as I wrote the book:)


  3. Hi Cynthia!

    I love that you’re organizing your site. I’m both a reader and writer so I’m glad to know where to look! I love decoding the dreams and glad to hear your dream inspired you in your work. I’ve been dreaming about the characters in my current WIP for the past two nights. They either aren’t happy with something I’m doing, or they want me to wake up and get back to it!



  4. I love working through my dreams, RoseAnn. I have one book that shows you how to reinterpret any scary or horrible dream into the helpful advice it really is. Takes a long time, but when I have a troubling incomprehensible dream, I always use the technique.


  5. Barb, I once wrote a book where most of the action happened in a dream world. When I realized that, I was simply beside myself. But I fixed it and that book turned into Gypsy:)


  6. I like how you organized your site, Cindy and can’t wait to read Gypsy. It’s in my TBR list! I find that the stories I write that start with a seed from a dream are my most successful stories, in terms of the emotional involvement I bring to the writing process.


    1. Thank, Nia. I am in process and plan to be even more organized here soon. Going through my archives was a huge task I’d put off way too long, so I’m very happy to have that finished. The rest of the clean up is more design stuff. And I hope you like Gypsy. Many of my friends feel slightly guilt that it is their favorite book of mine, maybe because it’s paranormal. I did get the poetic license renewed:)


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