Marketing for Introverts & Other People

print.booksAre you an introvert? Many writers are. I know I am. Therefore I’ve made a list of easy things shy writers can do to help sell their work. As I said in yesterday’s post, if  you publish, you need to market as well. So here’s what you can do to improve your visibility as a writer:

1. Join a writer’s group. I did. It’s easy. Go to meetings and listen. I became a member of Detroit Working Writers several years ago and the organization continues to inspire me. DWW started with a dozen women in 1900. We’re still going strong. You don’t have to be published to join.

2. Go to a conference. The workshop leaders and keynote speaker do almost all of the talking. They bring you news from the world of publishing. DWW’s annual conference this year is May 17, 2014 at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library. You can sign up early and get a discount.

3. Enter a writing competition. At our conference, we conclude by announcing the winners of our writing competition. First prize in all five categories is $100, so check it out. You do not have to attend the conference to enter the writing competition, but it would be fun, right?

4. Start a blog and begin to build your platform. If you don’t know what a platform is, you can ask anybody in DWW. Seasoned writers are available to mentor beginners. And blogging, heck, you do this alone in your writing room. What could be easier? I love Word Press but Blogger is also user-friendly.

If you do these four things for your writing self, you will succeed. When I joined DWW several years ago, I had self-published one book, a non-fiction writer’s manual. Since becoming a member of DWW and joining in some of the many networking and critique groups they offer, I’ve published four novels. Proof, to me at least, of the value of stepping out of the shy box.



  1. This is good advice, Cindy. Most writers would rather give away their books than sell them. If someone else (bookstore) is selling them that’s fine, but to market them, handsell, that is hard. I try to look at every meeting, every conference, as an opportunity to force myself to network, not sell, but get to know other people, writers and readers. It’s a slow process, and I’m sure I’ll be an old, old lady before I have a large readership. ha ha


  2. Thanks Robena. I will be there just a little bit behind you. I also prefer to the getting to know people part rather than the “buy my book” gambit. I feel if something in me really doesn’t want to push, then there’s a reason. One is that I assume most people don’t really care for pushy marketing types. I know I don’t.


  3. I think you’re right, Cindy, that you need to do what feels right for you. This is an impressive list of connections you’re made and networking you’ve done.


  4. There’s something about following my intuition. I do it more and more as I get older. Sudden impulse is different. I have to get quiet and say “do I really want to send this email now?” Or whatever the impulse is. Impulse is reaction, intuition is an inner knowing.


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