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Before Twitter and Facebook, I read blogs like other people read the newspaper. Now, not so much. I might click on someone’s blog from Twitter, but my blog roll gets way less attention than it used to…except when it comes to book bloggers. There are so many good ones, and they help me sort out a good indie read from those that don’t make the cut.

I met book blogger Bodicia when she reviewed two of my novels, Blue Heaven and The Paris Notebook. These are both small press releases from The Wild Rose Press. I thanked her and after she reviewed The Paris Notebook, we continued our email conversation, and I became a firm fan of her blog.

“A Woman’s Wisdom” does more than blog about books. There are special mentions and guest posts. Always smart and funny people. Bodicia also posts her own musings. She’s fun to read. Her prose pulls you into her house, sits you at her kitchen table, sipping tea while she  chats about this or that.

While Bodicia is the book blogger I know best, there are others who do a fair and honest job of reviewing indie reads. I like imagining  a whole world of book bloggers out there, working away to make our indie reading pure pleasure.


  1. I’m like you Cynthia, I used to read a ton of blogs but now I’m down to my favorite three unless I’m bored out of my mind, resisting working on the WIP, and just searching the net for anything to entertain me. Ha ha.
    I’ll check out Bodicia. Thank you, and congrats on the release of Gypsy. You’re a wonderful writer.


  2. Thank you, Robena. I am hoping to do as well with Gypsy as I did with Blue Heaven. Having a bit of a problem revving myself up to contact all the book bloggers out there.


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