Dancing on a Chair

I used to be one of those little-known authors who bemoaned her lack of reviews. Why did this other writer I knew have a hundred and I only had three? Well, I think I know why now. It doesn’t have much to do with courting book bloggers on Twitter, although that helps a smidge. I’ve never been good at courting in general. Most boys I dated approached me. I don’t do a lot of approaching. I’m shy until I have a couple glasses of wine.

The key to getting reviews is not your friends, either. I am blessed with a large group of friends. Not all of them read, not all of them like romance, and not all of them care that I’m a writer. I’m just Cindy who used to dance on chairs when she had too much wine. Sure, some friends will read the book and tell me they liked it. Even when I then ask them to post a review, they don’t. Not everyone is comfortable writing (or dancing on chairs) and I’m not going to put my pals on the spot like that anymore.

The one thing that got me many reviews was giving Blue Heaven away for free the first week in October. I’m still not sure how many people took advantage of that free book, but I know I gained more than forty reviews. That cannot be a coincidence. So these reviews are largely from people I don’t know, have never met, have no investment in me. And the reviews aren’t all 5 stars, either.

That’s the thing that you have to be prepared for. If you get reviewed a lot, chances are one or two people won’t like your book and they will not mind saying so. Amazon has a rating system 1-5 and I got two 2 star ratings. I read them and they didn’t hurt my feelings. I took note of what the reviews had to say and will weigh that criticism for my next release. There was at least one good take-away for me from those not-so-great reviews.

However, I am happy to report that most of the reviews range from glowing to kind. Now to turn on the music and find my dancing chair…and if you’d like to read Blue Heaven  on Kindle, here’s the link: BUY

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  1. You are welcome Sharon. Wish I could write more of the kind of introspective pieces you do, and I thought of your blog this morning as I wrote this:)


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