It’s almost Halloween and Al loves to dress up as a pirate. Johnny Depp makes a very handsome pirate. This is not the type of pirate I’m talking about today. I’m talking book pirates. Was doing my diligent search to see what popped up on Google with my name. All was good until I got a little bit of the way in and then found a site that had my latest novel front and center FOR FREE.

Then I found another one.

It’s true. I gave my book away on Kindle for free from October 1-5. But these sites are unauthorized. They are stealing. From me. Really? Isn’t it bad enough that I’m a pretty much unknown writer? That I make very little actual money for my writing? I guess these pirates have no heart. Not sure what to do about it except feel really bad.

I hate when something happens that makes me feel bad. I almost immediately set about a way to make myself stop feeling bad and start feeling good again. But this is hard. I am going to write to my publisher, but I was so flipped out when I saw the sites I did not even write down their names. I just poked around enough to know they were not reviewers, they were pirates.

We need a worse word for these thieves. How about liarcheaterstealerhorribleperson?

My plan was to write today. All day. Now I feel like “why write?” a LCSHP will just take my book and give it away for free. Am trying to get back to that “yay! I get to write today” mood I was in before I remembered about the pirates. I mean the LCSHPs.


  1. That’s really disturbing – when you put your heart and soul into writing a novel then you find it out on some crazy web site offering it for free. I am assuming those heartleass pirates downloaded it from Amazon and posted it around. Can you do something to make them/web site remove your book(s)?


  2. Khaled, I think it’s rampant. If you block one, another pops up. I did write to the PR person at my publisher and perhaps she will tell me how to make it stop. But really, there is no stopping them. It’s a huge problem.


  3. This made me so mad when I first read it! I’m still mad but now I also blame people who get “books” from unauthorized sites. It’s going to take a campaign like the one against pirated movies to make a dent in this illegal practice. It seems it would be in publishers’ best interest to put a stop to the piracy.


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