A Moment I’ll Always Remember!

1BHYou can’t see my name or the title so well, but you sure can see that #1. In the interest of full disclosure, I was #1 on the free list, not the paid one. The pink object in front of the picture is my ever-present lip gloss. Had a tough day yesterday with students. Felt like I failed to reach them, or at least some of them. So good to be back in my little office, doing my own thing♥


  1. Congratulations Cynthia on an awesome accomplishment!
    #1 on the Free List (sorry I didn’t see it in the picture, but I sure take your word for it 🙂 ). And…#100 on the Paid List, and that is also an accomplishment and success – I mean your book is out there competing with thousand of others.

    How important it is to build our own worlds to seclude to after a frustrating day at work. That is why some people go berserk – they don’t have a place to go to at the end of the day – they think a $1500 smart TV and an expensive cable subscription will make them happy.


  2. Thanks Khaled, you are always on my cheer team! I wanted to take a screen shot but Amazon wouldn’t let me. It was surreal looking at all those books and seeing that number 1 next to mine.


  3. Yeah Cynthia!

    FYI: I teach developmental mathematics at our college. There are days I feel like they really got it. I go home with a big smile on my face. But when the test comes around, it turns out to be the opposite.

    It can be frustrating! Keep up the great work!


  4. Kateri, love your website! Oh, boy, do I get it with the developmental math. I’m teaching grammar and basic comp. Almost every day I think I should ditch the grammar because they write better than their grammar quizzes indicate. Many students have “intuitive grammar.” Particularly kids who read a lot. They know what to do, just not what to call it.


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