Free Week Results…so far

I am not a marketing genius; the past 5 free days were my publisher’s idea. Wow it was fun. I printed out the page showing Blue Heaven at the top of the chart. It’s fun being #1. Today’s a different story, of course. Everyone got the book free and it’s down somewhere around 500K in paid lists. However, there has been some unexpected added benefit.

My first book, a writing manual with dollops of memoir, is #75 on the paid list, (which, let’s face it, that’s the one that counts) for adult and community education. I have the whole story of that book, how I came up with the idea right down to how I created a small press and handled distribution.

Your Words, Your Story was printed in ’07, early indie days. The chapter on self-publishing mentions Amazon’s Create Space. I interviewed someone who published with them and she graciously allowed me to use her experience in the book. Today, I could add more now with KDP and the digital book explosion. But the basic facts are there.

I also noted that my indie novel, Sister Issues, is about six times higher on the lists than the two newer books. Both my indies are .99 cents, and that may be a factor in their continued sales. What happened is that those free days for Blue Heaven made me and my back list more visible. And I’m pretty happy with that outcome.



  1. Cindy – Obviously, it’s time for a second edition of “Your Words/Your Story,” with all that you’ve learned since the early days of self publishing.



  2. I know. It really is time. The rest of the book is timeless info but that one section is before KDP and the digital revolution. It was before Kindle. Add it to the list:)


  3. Just finished reading Blue Heaven … It was such a wonderful read. My husband of 65 years, an Architect in Pensacola, FL, a WWII vet … EX POW … Germany published Berlin to the Gulf of Mexico … POW
    5518 Remembers in 2010. All this to say … reading Blue Heaven … the Lake and love of the water, historical preservation (Pensacola the 2nd oldest City) and the many faces of love was so well presented.
    Oh, Jim Crooke, the Architect, died 10 months ago tomorrow (10/7) so the book held my attention. To say
    “I couldn’t put it down” is certainly true.


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