Best Day, Worst Day

Just home from a family funeral. My favorite cousin’s husband died and today our family paid our last respects. My parents are here from Florida, many others also in from out of state. His boss gave a speech and broke down in tears. The thing that stuck with me most was when someone said that Brian is the kind of person that is put into this world to balance it toward the side of good. Never saw him frown, never saw him yell, never saw him anything but happy and mellow.

Al got home from work and we left here about noon. We just got home. It’s 8 pm. I turn on my laptop. Wasn’t on much today checking all the “free” tweets and the Amazon rankings. First I went to Twitter, not a lot of action, but several nice RTs and new followers. Then over to Amazon where to my amazement Blue Heaven is #1 in the top 100 free books. It’s #1 in romance and #1 in contemporary fiction free books, too.

I’m happy. I’m sad. All at the same time. Also, I’m tired. We will see what tomorrow brings. Oh, that’s right. My folks are coming tomorrow for a sleep over. Their first!



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