Absentminded Professor

Al has a couple of nicknames for me, but my favorite is “absent-minded professor” with the images it conjures of head in clouds and nose in books. And also being smart and professorial. It’s true, lots of things go over my head. But just lately I’ve noticed a decline in what I remember. I take a medication for stress that has a dark side effect: it mimics dementia.

Now, if I knew it was the meds, for sure, I’d be cool. But I am also a drama queen, so you know, I’ve been wondering. Could this be real signs of something? I have a doctor’s appointment with a new (female) physician and I’m going to tell her what’s happening with me and my meds. My current (male) neurologist loves pills. Hey, when I have migraine, I love them too.

But. On an everyday basis, I don’t love the pills so much. They sap my energy. The former Cindy was energetic to the point of perpetual motion that skipped into anxiety with the smallest push. This is similar to how bi-polar people must experience the world, even though the “low” for me is a side effect of meds. I’m all evened out now, and while I adore the relief from anxiety, I miss the energy.

Really hoping this woman doc can set me straight on what to do. It took me months to get an appointment, she’s that good. I can still be the absentminded professor, but with an edge.

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  1. I didn’t see you an absent minded professor. I thought you were well organized and in control in class. But then, Einstein was absent minded, and the man couldn’t stop thinking about the universe and how it worked.

    But yes, I believe you are a smart human being, not because we’re friends and I like what you say, but because truly I think you have an inborn ability to sense more than the average person I could run into at work at the mall let say.
    All that goes in harmony with being a writer.


  2. Sweet Khaled. It’s true, I’m well organized in the classroom. Try to bring my A game every single day. That might be why I’m sometimes preoccupied at home. Thinking about how I can turn everything into a fun interactive lesson:)


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