Blue Heaven is Free on Kindle

“Fall in love one page at a time.”  That’s just one of the nice things reviewers are saying about Blue Heaven, which is free on Kindle today, October 5, the last day of a “free” week. I’ve gotten over the thing about checking my rankings on Amazon. I’m very happy to have had the experience and I’ll write more about it after some time has passed.

The thing I most want to know is will this make a difference in my actual sales? That’s what I don’t know yet. I think, if the free ranking is high enough, it might. But I won’t know for awhile. That’s fine. Life is busy at the moment. Teaching is kicking my butt. I think I’ve said that a million times. What I really mean is that it steals four days a week of writing time.

I can’t quite believe this, but the term is half over. More than. So, whew. Back to writing and social media routine soon. And I still don’t know if I need to do one more semester next fall or if a summer class will take care of things. I have a feeling I’ll need to go back, but like many other things, the answer is not there for me yet.

Never have been good at waiting…


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