I Love You More


28 years ago today, Al and I dove heart first into marriage.

My third, his first. Was I a little bit embarrassed? Yes. I wanted to do it quietly with no fuss. My friends & family had already been to my big wedding with the veil and the dress and the church.

But Al wanted a wedding. A real wedding where he would invite all his family and friends and wear a tuxedo. He agreed it would be fine if I just wore a pretty dress suitable for a third marriage.

I let Al plan everything. He hired a DJ and a caterer and cleaned out his garage for the lovely cake his sister baked. He made space so the food could be set up properly. He hired people to erect canopy, tables, and chairs in his enormous leafy green yard. A Unitarian minister married us in a little church in town. Then on to Al’s house for the reception. His parents set up a bar in the kitchen and provided quite an array of liquor. A keg of beer got a work out on the patio where later, we danced.

And the next morning, after partying well into the night, he took me to Maui for a week. We almost missed the plane.

28 years

That’s a chunk of change. Our song is “In My Life” by the Beatles, appropriate lyrics for someone like me who had loved much and perhaps too often. Somewhere in those years, all of our LPs were ruined in a basement flood. Since then, little by little, Al has been amassing a new collection of our old records. He still has a turntable with a fine diamond needle.

When I mentioned that I wanted to buy him a Beatles LP for our anniversary to my neighbor (and new BFF!) she said she had a stack of them in her basement and she’d bring them over and Al could choose one. She would not let me pay for it. Nice neighbor, right? She came over with the LPs and which one did Al choose? None other than Rubber Soul, my favorite. And as he turned it over and pointed, I saw yes, this one is the LP with our song on it. He’s so romantic. 28.photo

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  1. Yes you were made for each other Al was so thoughtful and wanted it to start out right tux and all he’s positively a keeper you are both very lucky to have each other. Here’s to many more happy years together love you both very much. Aunt Wese xo


  2. Happy Anniversary! You both are so lucky! I couldn’t help but notice the title of your entry as the song I always sing for my wife Dianne….. Blood Sweat and Tears’ “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”. Love and all good things to you both, David Allen


  3. Dave! I’m not surprised that John penned that one. It’s a bit of a selfish song and he was a selfish guy. He treated Julian horribly — and part of me is always bothered because I love my sons every bit as much as I love Al. I rationalize by saying they are different kinds of love…


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