My son Tim’s birthday is today. I almost said his age, but I erased that paragraph. It’s bad enough having a mom who blogs about you without her also blabbing your age. So many memories today. Tim was the best baby in the world. He had big blue eyes and the sweetest smile and took loooong naps. That lasted well into his teens. Some weekend days he’d be sleeping at 1 o’clock, even 2 pm. I’d think, should I wake him? But I never did. I figured his body knew what he needed. Sleep!

Tim’s married and has a dog. It’s a big black dog and Tim really shied away from big black dogs after Al’s Doberman nipped him on the nose and drew a bead of blood when Tim was just a little guy. When Tim’s wife rescued Bosco, he was a small puppy. Then he grew. And grew some more. And a little bit more. Tim and Bosco are buddies. They do lots of things together. They even visited the Grand Canyon.

Now Bosco has a cousin. Murphy! They are best buds. Well, besides Bosco and Tim.


Happy Birthday Tim ♥


  1. Your sons’ birthdays are close. That often happens in families, which I find very interesting. Hope his day was happy and you get a chance to visit soon to celebrate.


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