5 Star Reviews

As promised, I’m starting a new venture for year 11 of “A Writer’s Diary.” Things change all the time in cyberland and I change with it. I have interviews with authors and book reviews scattered everywhere on this shaggy blog. There was a time that I didn’t post reviews to Amazon, because I was a professional staff reviewer on this or that magazine. But I’ve been doing them for awhile now. I want to make note of these books, and my reviews, here. I review under my real name, Cindy Harrison.

I’m not a professional book reviewer anymore, but most book lovers have opinions, and I have lots of them:) Please don’t send me free books to review. I sometimes buy and review books I love, in my own time, on my own schedule.

Cindy’s Indies is fairly new and reflects my love affair with indie novels. 5 Star Reviews will be traditionally published & e-publisher novels. The space is sparse right now. Day job is kicking my butt (and I have not even started my second class yet!) and I’m putting mega behind-the-scenes energy into promoting my new release Blue Heaven, which (I may  have mentioned a time or ten) will be FREE on Kindle exclusively October 1-5.

I’ll likely be adding to both review sites as I slow down on Goodreads. I have 247 reviews there, folks! Mostly for books that do not need the publicity. I’ve got to re-tool how I operate on Goodreads. I want to chat more and review less when I visit.

Final note, thank you for all the wonderful emails and comments about my 11th year. It means the world to me that you care enough to stop in. xo

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