Reviews, Blurbs, Templates & Taglines

What a morning! Woke up to a 4 star review of Sister Issues from Rosie Amber. Thanks Rosie <3.  Another reviewer asked to read The Paris Notebook for possible review! Plus I final-edited the template for my new novel, coming soon, and sent it off to my fabulous editor. Now I’m working on the tagline and blurb. As a former professional book reviewer, those things are easy and fun for me to write.

Back in the day, I loved composing a perfect tagline or a pull quote for the authors I reviewed. I made it a point to put something in the review that praised the author’s work. Sometimes, back  when I still visited bookstores, I’d check a book I’d reviewed and sure enough, there was my tagline right on the cover. Some of the writers even used my name, although most times it was just “RT Book Reviews” or “Publishers Weekly.” Still, I knew whose words they were:)

So I’ve come full circle and quite looking forward to sitting with my pen and notebook today, coming up with the perfect tagline for my new book.



  1. Rosie, such a pleasure to have your review. Yes, moving next week! Lived here 25+ years. So much to give Away, throw away, box up. And then there’s the book…lol


  2. All the best with your move and writing. I am sad for you too. Why? Because of your medication, that steals your ability to write from you. But sometimes it is better to avoid writing than suffer. How do I know? My medication has taken my singing voice from me, but I am rather without my singing voice than my medication. They keep me alive and give me B+ quality of life.


  3. My dear Knitting Queen, So many people have had to deal with our situation. Even beyond medication (which I am SO thankful for) thinking of a friend of mine, male, who is having surgery that will impair his ability to do certain activities he enjoys. Diabetics can’t eat cupcakes. The list is endless. I feel my issue is small compared to someone who can’t walk or see or breathe on their own. Wish I could hear you sing! Perhaps one day:)


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