Monster Moon

Today the full moon has an added bit of madness to the usual lunations. Susan Milller calls this “The Monster Moon” (she’s tweeting about it via #MonsterMoon) and I am very glad I was prepared for it. Yesterday was a great day for me. My birthday, showered with love and feel-good emotions. Got a great email from my editor, am reading a terrific book, heard from my sons and the rest of my beloved family, my husband and I are in sync. And that last one, well, it’s a miracle. We are moving out of the house we’ve lived in for 25 years, and we seem to be on the same page as we look for new homes. We are so often NOT on the same page or even reading the same book, so this is a welcome change of the status quo.

Today, not so much. Woke up to an insensitive email from a friend that sent me straight into a funk. But because of the Monster Moon, I was ready for it and deleted the sharp email I was ready to shoot back. Had I taken that step, and sent the email, our friendship would have been compromised. Instead, I wrote to an understanding and sympathetic friend, and it felt good just to get the heavy off my chest. If that’s all the Monster Moon throws at me today, I can handle it.

Full moons always bring things to completion and so I am thinking about this friendship and if it has run its course. I am thinking of ways to bow out gracefully or find other means of taking several steps back. For me, if a friendship is going to work, it needs to go both ways. This one is not doing that and it bothers me. There would be much fall out if I stepped back a few paces. Other friends I dearly love would be hurt and anxious. I’m not sure what to do or how to do it, but one thing I know for sure, I should not do it during the Monster Moon!

On top of that issue, I also feel general pressure. I have not had time to write for several days in a row and that bothers me, but I made plans with a friend for lunch today, plans with another friend for lunch Friday, and I am just wanting to crawl into my writer cave and work. If you find things in your life have reached a rolling boil today, blame it on the moon. And move forward with caution. Don’t say or do anything that you might regret later.


  1. I take your posts like this to heart [full moon, mercury in retrograde] and have never been sorry. Caution is rarely a bad idea. Sorry to hear about the insensitive email ~ maybe she will realize that and make amends. It’s hard to let go of a friendship…sometimes a step back gives the relationship the space it needs.


  2. Hi Sharon, it is uncanny how much the stars can tell us. But if the moon can create ocean tides, I think astrology can be helpful for someone who follows:) Glad you enjoy. I am by no means a pro at this!


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