Messy Mercury

We are smack dab in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, which started February 23 and runs through March 17. What Mercury Retrograde means for writers is that it’s a good time to sit in the chair, revise your manuscript and concentrate on details. Bad time to start a new project, fire your agent or sign a contract. Good time to back up all files. Ideally you’d want to back up files before the retrograde. I would have warned you, but I was busy being sick on vacation.

There are several Mercury Retrogrades a year and it actually helps me to know when they are coming (and going away!) FYI the other two this year are June 26–July 20, and October 21–November 10. I plan for them now, still I’m not surprised when things go horribly wrong, or even slightly sideways. Plus, there’s a loophole in Mercury Retrograde: anything you start before the retrograde period is safe to continue. But don’t be surprised if things go a little haywire for the next week or so while this thing plays itself out.

I’ve had my share of nasty Mercury mess: a highly anticipated vacation turned into a super bad (and literal) bellyache. A rush of confidence about the blog turning an important corner got lost in the shuffle somewhere. I have started and deleted maybe ten posts in the last few days. Mercury Retrograde does not bode well for turning important new blogging corners. I’ll just have to blab along as per usual.

Also, I have no kitchen sink. Again, literally. There is hole in my kitchen where my sink used to be. Long story. Also, no mail. Because I told the postal carrier not to deliver since I would be on vacation but then I got home early and all attempts to get mail service returned have failed. Of course they have.

Even things I set up earlier, like having my morning Mah Jongg group over on Monday,  have gone awry. (No sink, no lunch. Sorry ladies!) I’m almost happy that I have not heard from my editor yet about the revisions I sent BEFORE Mercury went Retro. If it comes before March 17, it is bound to be bad news. OTOH, because it was a project started before the wreck of Merc, maybe she’ll write to say she loves it and also her cousin in L.A. wants to option it for a movie because Jennifer Lawrence read it and wants to play the lead.

You’ve heard this before: plan for the worst but expect the best. Always. Even in Mercury Retrograde.

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