Landing With Kindle

After writing and revising a book, and then revising it several more times, and finally getting a revision letter from an editor that requires yet more revising, well, it is a huge thing. So when I sent my final (I hope) revision in, I breathed out my first freeing breath in months.

What I am doing now is not writing a novel. Still writing blogs and journal entries and tweeting but also taking better care of my health, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Also reading like crazy. I’ve got a couple of books going now, expect another this weekend from a friend, and really am just loving NOT revising that novel.

Al and I are taking a road trip for two weeks soon!! That will be major relaxation. But now I’m doing the reading on the sofa thing:) Still on my Reacher kick (#6 Without Fail), Spirit Junkie is my non-fiction/spiritual morning read, I’ve got a romance with recipes by Shirley Jump going and I need to read The Lady and the Unicorn for Bookies next week. Meeting here! Need to plan a menu.

Tomorrow my other book group, Fab 4, meets to discuss Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. Someone else is in charge of that meal, but I’m bring champagne!

So this is how I land after a long long process of finishing a book and getting it ready for final edits. Slowly, with Kindle in hand.



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