After Revision

Yay! I finished my revision today. Boo! I now need to add 50 pages to the novel in order for my publisher to offer a print version. I slashed through my manuscript, merciless to my darlings, mostly flights of fancy that didn’t add to the story but gave me room to monologue about how Eva was feeling instead of going into a real scene with real conflict and show it in real time on the page.

I hope I got rid of all of it because that was the big thing my editor asked me to do. The other was to end the story where it should end and not drag it on for 50 more pages just to get 65,000 words. So I did that too.

My next step is to read through the story to ascertain where I can best add 50 pages, which is approximately 10 chapters/25 scenes. I don’t expect this to be easy. I’m wondering if I can get it done before my vacation in a few weeks. Can I do it, is there enough of the story that begs to be explanded, or is this story told?

I’ll let you know:)


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