Emergency Writing Idea

Hello from the land of party after party after party…We have been on the go for several days and today Al is hosting his gang of pals, guys he has known and kept in contact with since high school. They have season tickets to football together and go to the NASCAR race in Michigan in August. He is barbecuing steaks for them and they will play pool for money, listen to loud Led Zeppelin, and drink copious amounts of beer.

I really wanted ONE quiet day at home to write, but it won’t be today.

It is time for emergency measures. I’m taking myself away from the testosterone to the movies, maybe some shopping, certainly dinner for one. Possibly popcorn will be dinner. In the midst of all this I plan to buy a new journal and hole up in Starbucks for some writing time and a latte.

If you are a writer, and you find yourself cranky in this season of good cheer, you are not alone. I am right there with you! The problem is not writing and the antidote is finding a window, even if you have to go to a coffee shop!


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