Writing Thru the Holidays

Does anybody get any writing done during the holidays? For me, it’s a challenge, but I manage to write (almost) every day. Here are 5 fail-proof fallbacks:

#1 Morning Pages. Write in your paper journal about whatever is on your mind. Aim for three pages. If you only get a paragraph, that’s okay. But push yourself to do more!

#2 First drafts. Really there is no way to screw up a first draft. None.

#3 Collaborate. I am working on a first draft of a non-fiction book with a friend. We email each other sections of whatever shows up in our minds that day regarding our subject. We chat. We brainstorm back and forth. We ask and answer each other’s questions on our topic.

#4 Blog. I have never been one to revise my blog. When I started out blogs were spontaneous and even misspelled words were okay. Bloggers posted every day. I did not miss a day for the first three or four years! Now it’s acceptable to do “once a week.” Piece of cake! Don’t listen to the rules of blogging. I recently saw that you MUST have a photo with every blog. Nope! Do it your way.

#5 Christmas Letters & Emails. Correspondence counts!


  1. If I am being completely honest I struggle enough just dealing with the holidays (presents, food, travel) without achieving much else. Though I have had a little time to work on some art and I am dedicating a lot of time lately learning about web design (before I start a Diploma in Web design officially next year).

    I love what you wrote about the morning pages: “If you only get a paragraph, that’s okay.” I think that is a really pragmatic way of thinking about them. Sometimes you will fill pages and pages effortlessly, but other days it is like drawing blood from a stone… and I don’t think it’s worthwhile to put yourself through any more trauma.


  2. Really enjoyed your post. Very practical! I have to say I find writing during the holiday season one of the few things that keep me sane! As I live in New Zealand there’s not only Christmas madness to contend with, but school summer holiday’s too. At the end of a chaotic day, when everyone is asleep, I lock myself in my study and get away from it all in the pages of my latest book. I honestly don’t know how I’d cope without that time!


  3. I’m glad you included correspondence. I just wrote three thank you notes to my kids for making our holiday special. I haven’t been writing on my blog but I’ve been reading FB updates and trying to get around to other people’s blogs. As always, I appreciate your positive spin, Cindy. Happy New Year ~


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