Forgot to mention to my publisher and editor that Blue Heaven is the first book in a series. Luke’s #1 Rule is the second of that series. I have an idea for a third…so anyway I finally wrote to my editor today and told her about the series idea. For me, as a reader, I do not want to read series that are obvious. I don’t want mentions of people who are not integral to the plot. I don’t want allusions to incidents past. Not unless it fits in the book as a stand-alone.

Every book in my series must first be a stand-alone. Since it is the setting, not the main characters, that stays the same, I think it shouldn’t be too much of a problem doing this. But really, I can’t believe that little “series” idea completely slipped my mind until this morning when I was pondering revisions. I shot off an email to the very kind and patient editor (this is not my first email to her!) and await her verdict.


  1. She said I can send her Luke’s #1 Rule anytime! I’m going to wait for the contract for Blue Heaven, and that’s not happening until 2013. Our publisher closes down for holidays:)


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