Revision Letter

Life is just full of surprises. I got a revision letter from the editor who read my next romance novel  for TWRP. She got the main problem exactly right and I knew it in that way I have of knowing something in a story isn’t quite right but convincing myself that “oh it’s fine.” If I want to work on this revision with her, and I do, the last third of the book has to (mostly) be trashed.

I have a great black moment scene sequence, but it comes too early in the book. She’s right, almost everything after that is anticlimax. I need a quicker wrap up and that means I need more on the front end so I can hit that 60,000 word count for a print editon. That should not be a problem as she wanted more on the front end.

I got this revision letter on December 1 and immediately had to rush off early a.m. to my critique group. So I only had time to read her short cover letter before we met and went over our current WIP critiques. This is not an easy process. We four are each other’s editors, and we take that job seriously. I have a lot of work to do on Cher’s story. My critique pals gave me lots to think about and revise.

Got home and read the longer letter, which basically expanded on the cover letter major points, and then, I just couldn’t do any more critique. I’d been at it several hours and my mind just shut down. I thought I’d look at her mark up of my Word document the next morning, before my writer’s group Christmas bash.

12/2 had other plans. I woke up with a scratchy eye. I put in drops. Still painful, like a cat claw, every time I blinked. I looked again in my magnifying mirror and found a hard bump on an upper inside eyelid.

So I called my eye doctor instead of opening the Word document. I have never called a doctor on Sunday before, but with the new eyes (had cataracts removed six months ago) I was worried I’d damage the cornea. So I left him a message and he called back within 10 minutes. I asked if I should go to emergency room, he said no, he was going to prescribe ointment I could pick up at CVS. So I did that and it helped, but I couldn’t read the newspaper let alone a document on the computer. Also, I had to cancel my festive plans.

The side effects are a very blurry vision in one eye, and just to complicate things a bit more, the eye pain brought on a migraine. The migraine was worse on day 2 but the eye was getting better. I had to cancel Monday’s scheduled lunch with close friends, and, even worse, I am still not sure when I can kick into rewrite gear. Today I see well enough a few hours after my first ointment application and the laying on of warm wet towels that I’m at least going to open the document and take a look.

I have been waiting for this revision for two months. Am so frustrated that I can’t dive in full force yet. Hoping maybe tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes giving up is the best you can do. Believe me. I’ve been there and done that. Giving up is for your own best now.


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