Christmas Reading

I love reading Christmas themed novels. It is my favorite thing to do in December and I don’t feel right unless I’ve got one going on my Kindle. I prefer to read new novels instead of returning to beloved classics, so I look for those released in 2012. Sometimes that date can fool you, as in the classic pair of novellas by the wonderful Mary Balogh. This year she re-released a double set of novellas first printed in the 1990s, so since it’s the first time the stories were pubbed in this form, the 2012 date was technically accurate.

I only learned they were classics when I read the “Dear Reader” note from Ms. Balogh that prefaced the book. That’s okay. The price was great and it’s been so long since I read “A Christmas Bride” and “Christmas Beau” that I fell in love with these Regency set romances all over again. Finished “Christmas Bride” last night (Yes, I cried. Balogh always makes me cry.) and started right in on “Christmas Beau.”

For Victorian setting, nobody beats Anne Perry, who brings out an annual Christmas story. “A Christmas Garland” was quite a departure for Perry. She set it in English-occupied India. I had misgivings, but it turned out to be absolutely my favorite Perry Christmas novel to date. But then,  I always say that. The mystery really had me stumped and Perry realistically adds in a touching romance. Mystery is the main plot, however, and that’s fine by me.

I’m still looking forward to Shirley Jump’s “Mistletoe Kisses with a Billionaire” a contemporary romance. It releases December 1. That’s Saturday. I’ll have “Christmas Beau” finished by then:)


  1. I am this way with Christmas movies: The Holiday, Love Actually, White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Family Man are some of my favorites. It’s like revisiting an old friend.


  2. Me too!! I don’t think I’ve seen Family Man yet. But the others, oh yes! There is something about the old black & white classics that reminds me of Christmas.


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