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My friends have been emailing and texting about yesterday’s post. This wanting to write but feeling like we shouldn’t is common. Sometimes writers wait until everyone who will not like the memoir dies, and then they write it. Mark Twain locked up his letters for 100 years, just to be on the safe side:)

I did finally read the heated, angry words I’d written a few nights ago. There are nuggets of truth in them about how I see my children’s stepdad. I kept getting off track and ranting about Al as a husband, not as a stepdad, so that needs to be cut. This is a narrow subject. It is not about marriage spats.

The call for submissions asked some good questions including how I got into the step situation and how I initially felt about it, and challenges it presented, all of which I have covered. But I didn’t talk about how being part of a stepfamily affected how I saw myself or how others thought of me. At least I banished the cultural myth of the evil stepmother, I hope for good!

Things I missed because of being part of a stepfamily–I have a lot to say about that. And the gains, because there are those too. So it looks like I’m going to write this thing.

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