Sad Bad Gypsy

Well, I’ve been thinking about Gypsy manuscript since I read it. And I really think the paranormal world is awkward, the love story sucks, and some of the chapters drag. Revising this one may be more trouble than it is worth. At least right now. I’m glad I read it, I’m glad to know. Now I can get back to my first draft of the sequel to Sister Issues.

I think I have been putting off tackling that first draft again. It’s a little bit like being on a high wire. But that’s where I’m going next. My plan is to put Sister Issues out in paperback format at the same time as Cher’s sequel. If I’m indie pubbing this one, which really it looks like that’s what will happen, I may even make them one book. It will be a big fat juicy book:)

Another option would be to make Sister Issues a free Kindle download for a week or so, and hope folks will buy the follow up. Hey! I actually thought of a marketing idea:)

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  1. I read this and have been thinking about how hard it must be to be critical of something you’ve written and really want to work. Writers are always making choices, aren’t they?


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