Gypsy Time

Yesterday I got a note from my would-be editor who said I can expect some feedback on Blue Heaven in 8 weeks. That’s a long time. But not in publishing land. It’s the blink of an eye and I should be grateful and I am except now–

Well now there is nothing stopping me working on the Gypsy books. I built that world as I went along and it shows. I need to read both books and note every other world fact. I need to build a Gypsy bible. Wouldn’t hurt to do characters/eye color/height/hair color/age either. So, read. How hard can that be?

Stuff going on today but it’s first on the agenda tomorrow.

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  1. I really would like to read through the books without making notes, that does not sound fun at all, so I decided to highlight and then go back through for the facts of the fantasy world and also the character traits list. I like this new approach much better.


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