Inspiration at the Conference

The conference is over, and I am finally feeling like myself again. In that 12 hour day, almost everything flowed perfectly (Still need to hunt down the person who stole a turkey  sub, leaving a lone veggie wrap on the food table.) When I thought about how my day would be, I imagined running here and there, putting out fires, but nope. All was calm and all the workshop leaders and volunteers delivered.

President Diana Dinverno kept the show rolling smoothly. Elizabeth Buzzelli, keynote speaker, was a huge hit. Her workshop was standing room only. I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of our workshops, the food, the library, and the gift bags.

My gift bag included a little sticker that said “inspire” and I hope that’s what the conference did for everyone. I felt the energy and was inspired! Today I finished a revision of my novel, Blue Heaven. So next, I take a day to read it through (tomorrow will be good, nothing on the calendar) and make final changes. Then polish and send to publisher.

And then on to the next book, which has already been written and revised. After sitting in a box for almost a year, I’m sure I’ll see its flaws. Still, I am inspired to revise and polish until I get every single one of my books right. That’s the magic of a conference.


  1. I love when that happens! One of the reasons I look forward to getting back into full-time teaching is because once in a while I hear a speaker or attend a workshop that inspires me and gives me reason to keep teaching. It’s hard to do that from outside the classroom, just like it’s hard for a writer to do that sitting alone at her writing desk. So glad for you that everything went well:)


  2. Hey Sharon, Always on the same page:) Having taught many years, I gotta say, I loved teaching workshops. I have never chaired a conference before, and I’m happy that it turned out so well. Also happy to get back to normal writing life.


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