10 Years!

I can’t believe the ten year anniversary of this blog slipped away without a mention. It was Monday, so I’m at least in the same week. Two years ago, I decided I was going to self-publish all my novels, put them on the website for free, and stop blogging. Just have a static website where people could come and read free books. That was my actual plan.

Things never go the way I plan. First, I decided to do the 99 cent thing with Kindle. I liked it, but I’m not rich yet. Then I got a publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press and I liked that even more. I even managed to assemble a free story edited out of TWRP novel. So at least one thing here is free:)

So, three publications was all I could manage in two years. I did a lot of teaching that first year, but the second  year I was mostly just writing. I’m taking this fall and winter semesters off too. Just so I can maybe finish my “publish all my novels by any means possible” in as timely a manner as I am able. This is my entire bucket list. Get those books out!

Then there’s the “no more blog” thing. Ha! This reminds me of when I was 28 saying “if I don’t have a book out by 30 I’ll quit writing” Double ha. Keeping the blog, keeping the title of the blog, and maybe mixing up the content a bit. Got my new design. I had other big content-related plans for this blog, and I am still going to get them to you–after the conference Saturday.

This is not a commercial for our Detroit Working Writers conference this Saturday. But you can still sign up at the door:) Or shoot me an email:))

Yesterday I wanted to post about all the stuff that goes wrong when you’re planning an event with so many moving parts. As conference chair, I’ve been treating this as a graduation party, except the food is catered and everyone gets a Swag Bag. Oh, and there are workshops. So really it’s nothing like planning a graduation party. Or even a wedding. Except they all require lots of time and effort and I have (to my surprise) have not had a nervous breakdown. Maybe because I had a ton of help. 20 volunteers! Doing everything from registration to leading workshops to guarding the bookseller’s table.

I may be the only one who thinks things are going great. We are having a meeting two weeks after the conference where we will talk about if we want to do this again, what we can do better, where we can patch up the cracks. So I’ll be basically listening to a critique of my event planning skills. Should be fun.

Meanwhile, happy blog anniversary to me!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you! We just never know where we will wind up. I’m glad you’re sticking around:)

    I am envious of the colleagiality of writers. As I’ve followed your planning of the conference I keep thinking that it sounds like so much fun ~ getting together with people who do the same thing you do, and really like doing it, for a whole day! Over the years I have tried to gather small groups of teachers over coffee or dinner, and it makes for a fun hour or two but nothing beyond that.

    Congratulations on pulling this off and enjoy the day!


  2. Thanks Sharon. Since I joined DWW I’ve been pushing for a conference, so this is a real thrill to finally see my idea become real. It’s also time-consuming, tiring, and sometimes irritating. However the good outweighs the bad, and I’m happy to have this particular dream come true.


  3. LOL John. The irony. I still feel like some days I don’t have anything nice to say. (I never have a problem complaining, but I try not to on social media). I want to do something with my old blogs–I have grouped them by books out so far–but I flipped AWD into a book per your instructions (easy!) and I want to read from the beginning and star the really good posts and maybe make a page for them. Thanks for helping with that.


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