Reviews & News

The Paris Notebook got a nice review! I’ll take those 4 lightening bolts, Nikki. And then I saw another new (and positive) review on Amazon! Thank you:)  The title to the new Amazon review is “This Novel Rocks!” great blurb, especially for a novel about duking it out with a rock star.

I’m always amazed at writers who have ten, twenty, more reviews. Not the big guys. But small press writers, indie writers, ePub writers, new authors. How do they do it? Christine Nolfi spells it out. So I really have no excuse other than wow that sounds like a lot of work.

Writing is hard work, and for this author, marketing is even more difficult. I decided a while ago I just wasn’t going to do much of it. If that means my books remain in obscurity forever, only to be read by my family and friends, well okay. I made my peace with that decision. Trouble is, I often change  my mind and reverse my decisions. 

Which brings me to the ‘news’ portion of this post. Two years ago I decided to end A Writer’s Diary at the ten year mark. I also planned to have all my novels up on the site here by then, published or free. LOL. I thought I’d start a new blog, maybe. But now that the time is here, well, I’m not doing it. I’m not going away. I’m not even renaming A Writer’s Diary. 

I did get some new wallpaper, and I have a September surprise, but nope, not going anywhere:) And maybe this winter, with  the snow falling and the pace slowed, I’ll get to those reviewing tips Christine suggests.

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