Conference Change

As chair of the 2012 Detroit Working Writers conference, it is time to put away the fiction manuscript and get going on all the million little details that will make this conference great. I hesitate to mention any of the negative emotions that a conference chair necessarily has to deal with–that is just part of the job. But last week, something really sad happened and our star romance writer had to bow out of the workshop she’d intended to lead.

While I feel so terrible for her, I still had to find someone to fill her slot at this late date. The conference is less than a month away, and August is not an ideal time to get in touch with writers. Or anybody. People go on vacation in August. Well, not me. I’m here. Working. And that’s okay because I enjoy whittling down my massive to-do list. 

Obviously top priority went to finding a new romance writer. I happen to know a lot of them from my time in GDRWA. And after a few false starts, I snagged Cheryl Ann Smith, national bestselling author of historical romance! Whew. Cheryl has great credentials. Did I mention she’s a National Bestselling Author?

She’s published three Regency novels and a novella for Berkley Publishing, with two more novels in production. And here’s her workshop description. How fun does this sound?

Writing From a Horse’s POV: Bending the Rules and Getting Published Anyway

 Multi-published author, Cheryl Ann Smith, will share her journey from first manuscript to publication and the secrets she learned along the way. She’ll teach you how not to ruin your writing by adhering too closely to ‘the rules’, keeping true to your voice, and some tips about finding the right place for your manuscript. There will be plenty of time for Q&A so feel free to ask her anything!         

 Still time to sign up:) To register, just go here.

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