A Writer’s Life: Behind the Scenes

I paid for all the lunches I went out to last week. I don’t mean $$$ but karma. It took me two days of doing nothing writing related, or really much of anything except read and do laundry to recover. I grocery shopped and made dinner. Kept my kitchen somewhat clean. Did a little (very little) yoga. Hardly any social networking.

Then a problem came up with the conference. The biggest problem I’ve had to deal with so far. It threw me for a loop and I expended a great amount of energy solving it. I’ll tell you about it later, after the membership gets the full story. It’s a sad one, but the ending, at least for our conference, is good.

Speaking of endings, I am so close to the end of this revision. Two chapters completed today. About 50 pages left. I really want to do both: work on the conference and finish my revision. I also want to exercise more and eat better. At least for today, I know that is the plan.

Writers, use caution when doing too much socializing, online or in real life. We tend to be a solitude- loving bunch (why else choose to spend great hunks of our lives in a room alone with a computer?) and if we push ourselves to be too social, then we will end up acting like a hermit for as long as possible afterward. Just saying. Balance is key in writing and in life.


  1. Kudos to you for taking on such a big task and then dealing with all the ups and downs while you continue to write and have friends and a family and a home. Balance is the key for all of us.


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