Should Writers Lunch?

So how does this work for writers? Using “lunch” as a verb? This week I have had or will have lunch or coffee with friends (let me just check my  calendar) 5 out of 7 days. And also a bridal shower on Saturday which makes it 6 out of 7. Due for yet another lunch in an hour.

I recall with a mixture of guilt and sympathy the famous writer who once admonished “If you want to write, you must not go out to lunch with friends. Choose. It’s one or the other.” She had something there, as far as word count goes, but I tend to choose real people over my characters. And I did some writing every single day BEFORE lunch.

Finished the WIP this morning, well tried to. Not sure it worked. Need to read the last chunk, which felt rushed and light, over yet again. I can do that tomorrow, before the bridal shower luncheon. And Sunday, I have a full free day to catch up on social media (that is what suffers when I lunch, more than my writing).

I admit to feeling guilty for lunching so much. This is an unusual week. I’m not always this busy. Things come in waves. I can almost she the tidal wave, I mean conference, crashing toward the shore where I stand, unprepared. And you know what they say about tsunamis…by the time you see them coming, it’s too late to save yourself.


  1. I went out to lunch too much last week. My problem is I love my friends and do not want to say no. I would rather be with my friends and be engaged in life than be writing but most of the time I don’t make lunch dates because I feel “Oh I should write.” Then when my friends call, it has been so long that I really need to say yes because I miss them.


  2. It’s an interesting proposition. I know what Julia Cameron (whom, it would seem, I cannot stop talking about – lol) would say. She would say that without lunching we would have no experiences to draw on. She would say that if we suffer for our art too much there will be more suffering than art.

    Schedule some time for lunching and some time for writing and I figure it should all come together sooner or later. Besides – you’ve gotta eat! 😉


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