The Paris Notebook now on Kindle!

I know, another day, another way to buy The Paris Notebook. But lots of my friends have Kindles so I’m hoping to sell some, to get some “likes” at least. Not begging. Really! No reviews yet. The marketing genius at TWRP told me to google and the first three pages were all from this site. I stopped after that. Maybe it’s too early for reviews. Maybe I talk about myself too much:)

If you’re waiting for a real post, something meaty about writing, I’m working on one right now. It’s a guest post and will be on craft. I’m thinking the title might be “The Rules of Romance Writing” or maybe not. But I learned a lot working with my TWRP editor on this book, and I want to share, just in case you’re wondering why the love story you wrote is not considered a romance.

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