My First Zombie Read!

I was a bit uncertain about reading a zombie novel, but I enjoy M.A. Rogers’ tweets so much I already knew he was a good writer. There’s an art to tweeting, and M.A. has it. Even the humor in the title drew me in “Chivalry is Undead: Just Another Zombie Love Story.” Had to smile at that one. So going in I knew I had three things books I love need: Clear writing, vivid humor, and heart.

From the first chapter, written as a blog in the normal world of Stephen, our soon-to-be zombie killing hero, I was hooked. Stephen thinks it’s weird that half of the people at work are out sick, he senses things are a little bit off, but he stops by his favorite bar after work anyway, where Jessica, the lovely bartender of his dreams, pours him bourbon as they trade stories of the days’ strange feel. Neither of them yet know that they are living in a new world, one controlled by zombies, and their flirty banter reflects that.

Home on his computer, Steve quickly realizes that Texas, from San Antonio to Houston, has gone zombie. He finds Jessica and the two of them head out for Houston where Steve’s buddy and his family are dealing with the same big city zombie situation. Steve’s plan is to find a place out in the country where they can all be safe while waiting out the war. Things don’t go exactly as planned, but the plot buzzes along at a nice clip and the shambling zombies prove no match for Steve’s posse, loaded with SUVs, baseball bats and guns.

Well into the story, Rogers name checks “Night of the Living Dead” the only zombie movie I’ve ever seen. Loved that and loved quick-thinking Steve and Jessica. Their romance in no way keeps them from cracking serious zombie skull. The gore I thought would be my biggest obstacle proved to be plentiful and colorfully descriptive, but just another part of this intense story, the first in a series by a new novelist whose work shows promise of more and even better things to come

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