Story Madness

It may have been a little crazy of me to think pulling a subplot from a novel and making it a story would be easy. Okay, a lot crazy. Had the critique group over and they found several areas where my response was “In the orignal book, that is explained.” And they only read 20 pages!

I am blind to these loose threads as I have read the book so many times. So I’m very happy with their help and new eyes. Am also very worried about not catching all of them in the rest of the story. Also worried bacause school is seriously infringing on my writing time. It’s not just being there, or planning lessons, or grading. It’s that those two days mean I have less time to run errands and keep my house and health running smoothly.

I don’t understand how 2 days can ruin a workout routine, play havoc with eating, and totally screw up a writing schedule that has been in place for a very long time. It’s not only those 2 days. It’s also marketing. Being free to write every day has been hindered by social media in the name of “marketing” my work. Ha. I don’t do so much self-promoting on Twitter. I don’t even have a FAN FB page, as my mom is my biggest fan and she has never owned a computer.

So, FB is mostly friends, and I’m not about to toot my marketing horn in their direction much, either. So bascially social media is fun. Goodreads, that’s another thing. I love posting about all the books I’m reading but I see no way that this helps my book sales.

I do think that the free story will spark something for the upcoming release, at least that’s the plan. If I can get the story revised in time. I’m thinking a week or two before the novel comes out. Two weeks is enough time…and then it will always be on my site, always free.


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  1. Hey Cindy,
    I so love your attitude. I miss seeing you and life does tend to get in the way of things and it is frustrating. I haven’t been on FB for weeks…
    Looking forward to a free read.


  2. That’s the funny thing about time (and pages) – it’s always hard working how much is enough and how many are too many. I feel like I am always too busy, or too free. lol

    Good luck with the story!


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