Writing Contest

I love entering writing competitions. In fact, I’m polishing up an entry for one today. I have written a draft, put it away for a week, taken another look, revised, polished, and after one last read this morning, I’m going to send it. I am done with the nail biting “Is it good enough? Will I be a contender?” phase and am on to the growing sense of possibility and elation. That emotional mix will hit its peak when I mail the entry. If I actually win? That’s an even better feeling, like living in a skin made of Champagne, bubbly everywhere.

If you want those feelings, and a possible win to put in your queries & on your bio, there’s another writing competition in my own writer’s organization: Detroit Working Writers. If I wasn’t in charge of it, I’d enter. It’s open to all Michigan writers and DWW members no matter where you live. We have five wide open genres. For example, you could send a screenplay or a stage play in the “play” category. For fiction, you can send a chunk of a novel, a short story, or even micro-fiction in any genre. There is truly something for every writer. (Except porn! Please no porn!)

We have five talented, multi-published judges, each of whom will adjudicate their own area of expertise. Best part are the cash prizes. Lots of them! First, second, and third place in all five categories. But time is ticking. Our deadline is July 15. Winners will be announced at our From Passion to Profession conference in September. You don’t have to be there to win, but you should come! 

See our website for more information and entry forms. Get writing and Good luck!


  1. It’s a chicken soup story, and the website says it can take YEARS to decide. Now I sort of wish I’d saved it for my 10 year anniversary post because it’s all about what I’ve done here the last 10 years: hopes, dreams, triumphs, losses, regrets, and of course, writing. Lots of writing:)


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