Side Project Strategy

Time to kick-start my marketing efforts. Reading the New York Times this morning, I saw an article about how print publishers are pressing their writers, who usually pub a book a year, into producing short stories or novellas for the e-publishing market in between books. The New York marketing departments are slowly catching on to what indie writers already knew. Offer a free or inexpensive piece of shorter writing six to eight weeks before the novel comes out, and the novel will sell better.

The NYT article kick-started me into getting my free novella up on the website with a link to my publisher. I’ve been talking to the TWRP marketing maven, and she’s all for it, giving me ideas and help. Of course I have to read the story first. It’s a subplot pulled from The Paris Notebook, and will probably need some revising.

What I really love about this idea is giving readers another love story, one that has the same group of characters in the same setting, but from a different point of view. And I love that it will be here, on the site, and also that it will be free. I love giving stuff away. You can’t write a blog for ten years and not love sharing your work with whoever clicks on the page.

I don’t mind spending time away from my main project to work on this piece on the side because for me and my readers it’s a win/win. I love the story and want to share it. And readers get something free, which is always fun.

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