My Merry Merry Month of May

A few days ago, I had eye surgery to remove a lens full of cataracts and insert a nice pristine new lens with a special built-in something that made my eye 20/20. In two weeks, I’ll undergo the same procedure for my other eye. For now, I’m trying to rest my eyes and just in general not strain myself. I am not supposed to bend over because the blood will flow to my eyes and the stitches might tear. Yes, stitches inside my eye! Amazing.

What’s even more amazing is that I’ve never had 20/20. I’ve had poor eyesight all my life. “Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again” bad. Now, if all goes well, I will have, at the ripe age of 57, 20/20 vision with no reason to even wear reading glasses. This type of lens is not covered by insurance, they cover the one without the reading sight bonus. Still, I managed to convince Al of the pure magic of it all.

This must be how movie stars feel after lipo-suction. No effort, new tummy!

Nothing comes without a price, and my price is May. My vision is perfect in one eye, horrid in the other. The computer and smart phone letters are kind of smushy. But I’m reading a great book on my Kindle using LARGE print. Love that feature. And I can watch television.

When I set all this up, I knew I would have to give the month of May over, pretty much, to healing my eyes. They are an essential tool for writing, and being sighted just makes the world that much easier to navigate. So I resolved to obey doctor’s orders, not tax myself or my eyes, and not worry about writing, teaching, the conference, or anything else.

I don’t know why, but my heart sank when I saw the restriction on mascara. Six weeks without eye make up! I hardly wear makeup anymore, but I do wear it to school. So this will be the first time I walk into a classroom without face paint plus silvering hair. (I am loving my silvered hair!) It will be fine but I have to smile at my vanity. Still. At my age.

I’m trying to move from vanity to radiant health and continue to work on the changes I’m learning from The Lean. For now, I’m sticking with the first half of the changes and when I feel stronger (next week?) I will read and incorporate even more (I bought The Lean as an actual book so I could study it.) to see what else I can do to clean up my food act. I’m also hoping next week I’ll want to get back to writing my novel. I miss Twitter, too!

Meanwhile, I am able to hand write my morning pages with no fuzziness, so I’m doing that. And I can talk on the phone. Doing quite a bit of that too as family and friends check in to make sure I’m okay. I’m better than okay. I just need to be really patient with the way the internet looks smushy. And now you know why I won’t be around much in the month of May




  1. Oh, wow, Cindy … sounds like quite an ordeal. Whenever they start messing with your eyes, well, it can be scary. Sounds like you’ve got in under control, but I will be sending healing vibes your way. A writer needs her eyesight!! Be well!


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