Solutions for Promo Shy People

I did something today that I usually find extremely difficult. If you are an introvert like I am, and find it difficult to spotlight your own writing, this may help you.

I sent a query to a trade magazine I used to work for, told them what I was up to, pitched a feature story, and then asked them to please consider reviewing my novel The Paris Notebook coming out in July.

This never would have happened had I not gotten some nudges from another writer friend. She knows I’m publicity shy, but she kept after me. What made it sort of easy is I had a former connection with the magazine. My editors have all moved on, but the magazine still have my reviews and features on their website, so I figured what the heck.

What also helped is that I’m offering them something in return. So that’s my best advice for promo shy people: offer something in return. It softens the feel of being pushy. Another example is my writing group’s conference this September. I do not mind promoting it in the least because it offers so much in return.

As for my blog, I have never been shy about linking my blog to Twitter and Facebook when I feel like it fits the venue. Because with my blog I’m taking the time to tell writers something they might be able to use. So that’s my best advice. If you want to promote your book, think of what you might offer readers first, be it blog or link or freebies.

Free books are perpetual reader pleasers. I gave the Kindle edition of my writer’s manual away for a week and never had so much fun. I’m actually giving everyone who comes to our conference a free print copy of that maual. I’m even giving my creative writing college students this summer the book for free, because it’s available on Kindle for 99 cents and I don’t think it’s fair to charge students $10 at the campus bookstore. Plus, I could use the space in my closet:)

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  1. That’s a great approach, Cindy. Giveaways are effective in getting attention without seeming pushy. And it’s a joy to know that people are willing to read our work.


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