Little Writings

My writing room is almost ready to move back into, but a few major things need to be completed first. My desk is in there. I could write in there. But it feels to strange with half-built bookcases on the floor. So I wait. And I write in my family room.

I’m not working on my novel. It’s too big and feels like it needs to be tucked away from the chaos. But I am writing–an essay for a Chicken Soup story. I wasn’t really thinking about it but the words started coming anyway, so I’m writing them down in a  notebook. I do love the shorter form essay sometimes. A nice change.

If you live in Michigan, you can practice your short forms for cash prizes from my writing group, DWW, short for Detroit Working Writers. There are five categories of writings–something for everyone. I’d have to double check, but I think we pay out about the same as the Chicken Soup people. Our first prizes (there are five of them!) are $100. We also have second and third place cash prizes. So be it short story, poem, essay, or just about any other genre, if you life in Michigan, you can enter.

Why not take your shot? I am!

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