Blame it on the Moon

So today we have a new moon, signaling new beginnings. The moon is in Aries, which makes it extra powerful for Aries (like me). So that must be why my writing room is almost empty and just about ready to paint. It must be why I’m buying new bookshelves and considering a new chair, too. It’s why I’m reconfiguring the furniture.

I may need a new computer soon, too. This one keeps going blue screen (this is a bad thing-it means something is wrong internally). After an hour of looking through all of my files AND all of Al’s, I have found manuals for things we no longer own, like a microwave, dishwasher, and television. But I have not found the manual for this laptop which Al claims is still under warranty.

I usually feel like a pretty organized person. But not today. So maybe I am heading for a time of life with the new unorganized me? Or at least the less tense and angry and frustrated me. Because I can’t find the file and I am not freaking out. I’m not calling Al and ranting. I’m not venting, well maybe this is venting a little bit right here. And okay, a small vent of FB.

But I will not tweet about it, phone a friend about it, or allude to it in any way to whoever I email today. Yes, I still email. I know most people don’t so much these days. So what does all this have to do with writing? Well, I’m not working on my WIP because I’m so busy looking for lost manuals, prepping my writing room to paint, and meditating on the beauty and luck of my life.

New moons are good in general for everyone to start a new project, new job, new relationship. If you find yourself doing something like that, blame it on the moon:)

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