Hey Michigan writers! Here’s your chance to attend a great conference with professionally published, award-winning authors leading 16 workshops! gift bags! keynote! breakfast and lunch! book sales and signings and more!

And did I mention the writing competition? You don’t have to attend the conference to enter or to win, but wouldn’t it be fun? And if you do the math, you’ll see it’s even better to join DWW as members get discounts on event tickets and contest fees. Really good discounts. Covers the cost of a years’ membership and then some.

Plus I’M the chairperson:)



  1. With you in charge Cindy, this will be a fun time!

    I appreciate your comments sharing your teaching experience – it’s good to know I’m not alone. In Maine teaching positions at the college level are at a premium, mostly part time and very hard to come by. I looked into that several years ago, and that was part of my decision to go for my MSW with the hope to work with non-profits around policy. Life had other plans ~


  2. Wishing you every success, Cindy — this conference will be a winner, and it’s so great to know that DWW is back in the saddle hosting these events. I wish I could attend … I will next year!


  3. Thanks GFs. Wish you all could be there. I’ve had a lot of help. I do know how to delegate:) and other things it just seemed to feels right. Especially the venue. I walked around CMPL for several years thinking how cool it would be to have a conference there, and since I joined DWW I have been badgering the board to have a conference. Everyone pitched in, and it IS work, for all of us, but fun work.


  4. The best part is when everyone was excited about the gift bags. I wanted that because when I go to conferences I love the gifts. And I expected some people to object but nobody did. They all loved the idea!


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