Aries on Fire!

Yes, I’m Aries, a fire sign. And this recent full moon has been working for me. Completed not one but two project I’ve been working on off and on for months. So much going on with my writing, first the Kindle project with Sister Issues, then (endlessly it seemed) editing The Paris Notebook, as well as planning a kick ass writer’s conference. More on that very soon.

With all that going on at the same time, I still worked when I could find time on a new manuscript I’d written in a NaNo fever, polishing the pages and finessing the plot whenever I could steal a few minutes from everything else.

In the midst of all this I joined Twitter and Goodreads. I like to call messing around on these sites “marketing” but it really isn’t. It’s just getting to know folks. I wish I was better at Goodreads, but Twitter thrills whereas Goodreads kind of confounds me.  I’m not sure what’s going on there yet.

So busy with all the above, I thought I’d never get a proposal together to send to an actual print editor. She has seen my work and offered to look at more, so what the heck. This morning I cleaned up a few little edits, put the whole thing in an envelope and took it to the post office. I am not stressing about rejection because I have a back up plan. Kindle again.

This is a good time to be a writer. Everything is wide open and opportunity awaits those who choose to walk through the open doors. Don’t expect to get rich and famous but do expect to see your work in print or on an eReader and for people to actually read it and like it and tell you so.

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