Creative Full Moon

I love full moons. Not only are they pretty but they signal completion: something has come to an end. And I love completing things. Luck is on my side as a full moon works 4 days before or after, too, so I must get my butt in gear and finish that proposal already.

This full moon also has an aspect that plays well with creative types. In astro-speak it is known as the grand trine. Think of triangles of stars, all in direct mathematical alignment with each other, giving each other attributes that fire creative energy. That’s our golden triangle this month.

And these trines are rare. The last occurred in 2004. Susan Miller calls grand trines “bouquets from the universe.” Of course every sign is different and the planets will reflect those differences. If this much information intrigues you, I suggest you check out Susan Miller *and your own sign of the zodiac for specifically how this grand trine affects you.

*Susan gives her readings of the stars free every month so expect some annoying advertising before you get to the good stuff. I notice this month an entire ad page pops up first. Just click out of it to see her beautiful site.

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