See Ya!

Another Michigan winter, another road trip to Florida. My dad lives there. Our friends have winter places there. Snow does not go there. But, my laptop does. And since Dad and Al love to golf and Dad has no internet connection, I will be alone at least a few days with my beloved pink  laptop working on my synopsis.

The plan was to have the proposal in the mail Friday. Didn’t happen. I find that whenever I make a plan, especially a writing plan, some snag occurs to thwart my best intentions. Other plans have gone awry as well. We planned to hop off I-75 on a mini-adventure to Akron, Ohio. But I am sad to report that Chrissie Hynde’s vegetarian restaurant there has closed.

Have you noticed how after you joined FB you didn’t blog as much? And then after you joined Twitter, FB kind of went away for awhile? And then came Goodreads and all manner of hell broke loose. I’m trying to manage the various social media but for the trip I will probably mostly be posting photos on FB. Of course if we’re not FB pals already, I’ll be delighted to friend you at my Cynthia Hines Harrison page. Fair warning: I take kind of fuzzy pictures.


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