Meaningful Marketing

The best marketing tool I used for my writing manual was to give it away free on Kindle for a week. It is still in the top ten of one list (adult education) and #100 in “writing skills” and “creativity” is #48. So not only does the give away help, but tags do, too.

I used Amazon all the time before I got a Kindle or became an Amazon author. Many times I’d use tags to search out books. For authors, it’s easy and free and it works. Another marketing move I will make again. I will also give away frees book again.

And how did I learn about the free book concept? Twitter, or rather a Twitter pal, Mike Wells. So those are my three top marketing tips, easy and effective  for introverts like me. #1 Give Away #2 Use Tags #3 Find and emulate Twitter Tribe.

I have another marketing strategy I have learned just by being on Twitter. It’s something I see all my favorite Twitter people doing. Instead of saying “buy my book” they choose a great line from a review and tweet that. I should be doing that. I am on Twitter a lot and I hardly ever do any marketing there. I am all about finding writers (and others) to connect with, books to read, gathering helpful links.

So today I’m going to find some good quotes for my novel and post them on Twitter. The other thing I’m going to do is use TweetDeck to post messages when I’m not even on Twitter. Everyone does that too. Will let you know how that turns out for Sister Issues, which is right now lagging seriously behind Your Words, Your Story. 






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  1. I was just reading some tips on the free copies on LinkedIn … sounds like it’s working for so many people! Brave New World — and congrats on those ratings, Cindy!


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