Deja Vu

I had a long fun day yesterday and today I’m tired. Not in the mood to work on my new novel. Can not get movtivated. So I typed “motivation” into my own archive search box and deja vu! I have been here before. Think I’ll take my own advice and start fresh Monday since I have a ton of non-writing things to do this week leading up to the weekend, when the writers descend upon my dining room chairs.

And also things worked out just fine after that post. Was offered a contract with TWRP. (Still no pub date yet). I finished Luke’s #1 Rule and though it didn’t hit Harequin’s sweet spot, I still like it, it is in really good shape, and want to do something with it soon. I’ve got a few ideas. Maybe indie again. So today I’m just going to meditate (or, as some people call it, nap) and do yoga and watch that episode of Parenthood I taped the other day. Then it will be time to cook dinner in my new blue kitchen.


  1. Things are really changing for you! Not long ago the “offered a contract” line would have been the title and content of a post. Now you have so many avenues open and so many irons in the fire that that development is one piece of everything else that is going on. Well done, Cindy. Your world has expanded many times over, and while some would be intimidated you have welcomed each new opportunity with open arms.


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