Freebie Results

It was sure a fun week giving away books. The aim of giveaways is to pull people to your website and in that regard, I messed up. The link I sent was directly to Amazon. I should have sent people to my site and then had a little blurb and then they could click on Amazon. Live and learn.

Have a new lead on another marketing possibility. Goodreads. Also, I should be finding people to review my book. I am working both of these angles but at heart, I am just not a bookseller. I am a book writer. That’s okay. I saw a significant jump in my numbers for both books.

Really? I think all the Twittering and Goodreads reviewing in the world won’t help much. And that is down to me. I am just not aggressive in that way. I am persistent, so I’ll keep trying. And really, I’m better off before the giveaway than after it. So it was a good thing. I’d do it again.

Amazon lets people who publish with them exclusively to have giveaways every 90 days. Next time I’ll do it right:) Off to Goodreads to talk about the juicy new Lee Childs I just finished.


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