Free For Five Days!

I am so excited!!

My first book, Your Words, Your Story, a creative writing manual with a splash of memoir, will be free for all Kindle users (not just Prime members) for five days, starting tomorrow (1/11) and ending Sunday (1/15). I have no control over what time the “free” promo begins and ends, so make sure to check the price before you buy. If it doesn’t say FREE check back.

If you have been wanting to write that novel or short story, now is the time to grab the motivation and direction you’re seeking by loading my book to your Kindle for free. I wrote it in response to a creative writing course I have taught many times at my local community college, so it’s got homework. You don’t have to do it, lol. No grades either. Yippee!

I’m so excited! Did I already say that? I’m emulating Mike Wells here. Thanks for the advice, Mike! I took it to heart.


  1. Sharon, You are such a loyal supporter of this blog, and me, that I’m happy to send you a trade paperback version of the book if you email me (cindy@cynthiaharrisoncom) your home address. Not sure you’d learn anything. You’re a wonderful writer.


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